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At AJC, we are committed to creating a sustainable world through our expertise in recycling and waste management. We believe that our work is not just a service, but a responsibility towards the environment and the communities we serve.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Needs

Explore our diverse range of solutions designed to drive positive change and efficiency across various industries. From strategic recycling consulting to waste recovery and processing, seamless brokerage, efficient transportation, and secure product and document destruction, our comprehensive offerings are tailored to meet your specific needs while contributing to a sustainable future.

Nature Walk
10 tons of recycled paper saves 170 trees

Secure On-Site Product and Document Destruction with 
Records Management, Inc.

Beyond our established services in Waste Paper Recycling, Paper Packaging Recycling, and Product Destruction, which Alan Josephsen Co., Inc. has expertly provided since 1978, we are excited to announce the addition of onsite document destruction to address your security demands. With the integration of onsite  shredding from RMI (Records Management, Inc.), we can now bring our services directly to your business premises, ensuring optimal convenience. Whether you need a single purge or continuous service, we are fully prepared to meet your requirements with our comprehensive capabilities!

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