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Records Management, Inc. 

Beyond our established services in Waste Paper Recycling, Paper Packaging Recycling, and Product Destruction, which Alan Josephsen Co. has expertly provided since 1978 we are also able to offer secure, onsite document destruction. With the integration of onsite shredding from RMI, we can now bring our services directly to your business premises, ensuring optimal convenience. Whether you need a single purge or continuous service, we are fully prepared to meet your requirements with our comprehensive capabilities!


Mobile Shred Truck


We selected our mobile shredding truck with a primary focus on versatility. This truck seamlessly operates both on-site at your business premises and in conjunction with the equipment stationed at our Waukegan facility.



Engine Belt
  • Eco-Friendly Design

  • Quiet Operation at Low Speeds

  • Integration of Cutting-Edge Technology and Modern Design

  • Ability to Adjust Shred Sizes in just around 10 minutes



Credit Card
  • Medical or Financial Records

  • Credit Cards/Employee ID Badges

  • Faulty Equipment or Expired Goods

  • Computers/Parts/Hard Drives/Hardware

  • Manufacturer’s Defect Items

  • Recalled Products

  • And more...

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