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Our Equipment

Our distinction lies in our commitment to possessing cutting-edge, resilient, and dependable equipment. This ensures that our client service remains uncompromised, unaffected by any equipment-related disruptions.



The selection of our cutting-edge Bollegraaf baler was driven by their renowned reputation, built on a foundation of extensive experience and proven practices. These balers integrate a diverse range of unique design aspects, innovative ideas, and high-quality manufacturing using premium materials. This amalgamation ensures that our balers have the inherent capability to consistently manage larger material quantities over prolonged durations. Moreover, HBC balers stand out in their ability to produce denser and heavier bales, all while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Karl Schmidt Mfg.

The RC6-3 Conveyor System, developed by KSM frames, is primarily crafted using hot-rolled sheet steel and robust structural steel that meets high standards. The curved segments of the system incorporate rolled structural shapes to ensure seamless operation and minimize noise. To enhance durability and efficiency, abrasion-resistant strips made from ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polymer are applied to all points of contact between the chainbelt assembly and the steel frame.

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With over 40 years of experience, Vecoplan has earned a reputation for innovative and high-quality products. Vecoplan's integrated manufacturing systems are designed to optimize resource allocation and accommodate demanding production schedules. This ensures that customers receive their products on time and with the highest level of quality.


Vecoplan is notable for being the only manufacturer of single-shaft rotary shredders to have earned ISO 9001 certification. This certification attests to their commitment to the highest quality standards in design, production, and quality control.

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