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Our Family Story

Founded in 1978 by Alan Josephsen, AJC commenced its journey with a sole employee – its visionary CEO. Recently, the reins of leadership were passed to Peter Josephsen, Alan's son, who assumed the role of CEO following two decades of close collaboration with his father. The essence of family remains deeply ingrained in AJC's values.


Our Philosophy

At AJC, we strongly believe in the power of recycling. Every small effort counts in preserving the environment for our future generations. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that promote sustainable growth and reduce carbon footprint. Our team is passionate about creating a cleaner and greener planet for all.

As a leading recycling company, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors through our unwavering commitment to excellence and service.  We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients by consistently delivering exceptional results.

Nature Reserve

Our Journey

In January 2020, AJC transitioned to its present location Waukegan, IL.

RRT Design & Construction, in collaboration with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions, has developed a cutting-edge facility characterized by its wide drive-in entrances, a pair of convenient dock doors, and exceptionally roomy ceilings. The facility encompasses a total area of 30,000 square feet and possesses the capability to store and ship up to five thousand tons per month.

AJC plays a pivotal role in aiding businesses to effectively manage their recycling initiatives and sustainability endeavors, standing as a cornerstone of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Operating from our Chicagoland recycling center, we process an extensive range of recyclable commodities, rendering enhanced and cost-efficient waste management and removal services to enterprises. Our brokerage arm extends its support across the United States, delivering customized solutions tailored to meet the evolving requirements of businesses. Harnessing AJC's extensive industry connections developed over the long term, your company can unearth the most optimal and sustainable disposal methods, thereby curbing waste management expenses and, in certain scenarios, introducing fresh revenue streams.

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